From the recordings Entertain Me and Entertain Me

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Hello one timer, here's my one liner,<br />
I'll make it clear and true, <br />
You may think I'm antsy to tickle your fancy, listen to what I say to you.<br />
Your hair is so pretty, your eyes so sexy, your lips they just blow me away,<br />
You may think I'm daffy and I may be dilly, this love will always stay. <br />
You can buy yourself a big boat and travel round the sea,<br />
Jump up on a big leer jet and fly to Italy,<br />
Buy yourself a diamond ring and a big shiny car,<br />
Girl I'll love you no matter where you are, <br />
Cause you are my girl<br />
You're my girl<br />
I'll travel round the world and run around in circles,<br />
You can see that it's just me and we are really perfect.<br />